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Who Am I?

Pastor/Prophetess Marie Denson is a wife , a mother, grandmother, a community advocate, grassroots mobilizer, and activist. Marie has an Associate of Arts of Science in Paralegal Studies, a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and a Master of Science in Management of Criminal Justice. Marie sought out to be a Police Officer, but God had a different path for her to follow which led her into serving others. Marie has been in ministry since the young age of 8 and she accepted the call of ministry in Leadership at the age of 27. Marie has been building ministry even through her call to the community assisting others with reshaping their lives, realizing their talents and skills, bouncing back from upsets and let downs, and pushing forward.
In 2007, God gave her the vision to help deter and invigorate inner city youth to find their Inner Giant, so she launched her non-profit, On-Call Leadership, Inc. a mentorship program for at risk youth that mentors in the area of Juvenile Delinquency focusing on the root cause of thebehavior. In addition to being the founder of On-Call Leadership, Inc, Marie also created an innovative project to combat vandalism called “Graffitize Not Vandalize: Paint On, Brush Off.” This project is a mural project that beautifies the neighborhood through art. This project wasrecognized by the Division of Arts and won a reward. Marie then created the “Deterrence Project which bridges the gap between internal/external suspension and detention. Marie made a run for City Commissioner in Fort Lauderdale for 2018. She didn't win the seat but she won the "office;" the Community. Marie believes the residents of the community are the experts and the heartbeats and their matters of the heart should come first.
In 2019, Marie heard the Lord when he told her that she needed to go to a new place where nothing will be familiar and start over; Colorado. Without question, Marie left it all and went. In a new land, Marie has followed God and found her purpose and call into ministry as a Leader. After many nights of waking up with creativity and inspiration, God gave Marie the name of her ministry, Resilient Warriors 4 Christ Ministries, Inc. The scripture he gave Marie is Proverbs 24:16. Now, Marie is making moves to brand herself and get ready for motivational speaking and preaching and teaching the gospel of Christ.
As ministry continued, Marie  formed two new companies so that they could make sure people who are lost or just need help never have to worry about being alone or going through alone. A lot of times when the couple are out in the community, they are always approached by someone asking for advice, opinion, or just prayer and they find themselves ministering to the person. This birth Pushed Back not Held Back, Inc Mentoring Program which is now up and running. God also birth through Marie, EZ PZ Dispatching & Logistics, LLC where even in dispatching, God still has a word. 
The mission of the ministry is to give a holistic teaching structure to the members that they may understand and can identify with and know how to recover, bounce back, and withstand trials and tribulations that we face daily in our lives. 

When you try not to respond, but you do!

My Response

There is too much going on in this world and we sit here and offend and talk about people and they faults. When was the last time you DID NOT commit a sin? When did you come out of sin? When was the last time you got mad? What was the last mean thing you said that you had to apologize about? When we condemn people but condone it in our own homes and family, we are hypocrits. I spoke about someone in this video who I feel is exercising his right to free speech and doing it truthfully. Who he is i light of what we see, should not be the issue or conversation starter. We ALL fall short of the glory. 

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