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Mentoring is my Purpose and helping someone realize their potential is why I love it. Finding your inner giant can make the difference in how productive a person will be. 

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The UNKNOWN is Scary
but Beneficial

The Unknown can be scary but it can also be beneficial to the person on the receiving end. Trust God that in the unknown He is going to show up and keep you covered. 

Changing Me Won't do You Any Good!

God made each one of us different and that was something unique. When people attract to you or start following you, they are following you for a reason. So, you cannot change who you are because you will lose the very people that started following you from the start. 

Hold On!! Don't You Let Go!

It gets hard to live this life and to stay afloat but if you have a good grip on God's unchanging hand, don't you let go of it! It may seem or look like it will not work in your favor, but it is. Don't you let go! 

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